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Institute History

1973 г.

Khabarovsk branch of the Central Scientific Research Institute of Steel Construction established following a decree of the USSR State Construction Committee. Among the first projects – a structural aluminum plant and a steel production plant. The first director of the Institute was Anatoly Pavlovich Zharov. Together with Vladimir Akimovich Dvornikov, the Institute’s engineers introduced a unique integrated project calculation method. The new method of estimating material scopes took into account the relationships between the elements of a steel frame, optimized material consumption and installation time, and has become the hallmark of the Institute.

1978 г.

Designed a mechanized warehouse of the Magadan Sea Port, an enrichment plant in the village of Novoshirokinskoye, Chita Region

1984 г.

Designed the main building of the Mnogovershinniy gold recovery plant

1980-е–1990-е годы

The Institute collaborates with the Khabarovsk Polytechnic Institute. Signed a cooperation agreement with the Department of Building Structures and established a student scientific community. Students from the student scientific community are attracted to the Institute for internship and further employment. The Institute’s team is enhanced by the next generation specialists. By 1990, the Institute employs 96 people.

2001 г.

Designed a pier and a berth in Prigorodnoye, Sakhalin Region. The design scope included spans and a cargo platform. The total length of the pier was 810 m, its width was 8 m. Our Institute took part in the construction of Russia's first liquefied natural gas plant as well as the Prigorodnoye oil terminal.

2007 г.

Designed a ball hockey facility – Erofei Arena, which meets the highest construction standards. Erofei Arena has already hosted three world Super Bandy hockey championships, bringing together athletes from 20 countries.

2010 г.

Participated in the overhaul of Energomash Community Center. This is now one of the prestigious city venues for entertainment and business. In 2012, the center hosted Rosneft extraordinary shareholder meeting.

2012 г.

Designed and participated in the construction of a shipyard of the Far Eastern Zvezda plant, a leading Pacific Fleet submarine repair enterprise and the only one in the Far East specializing in the repair, refurbishment and modernization of nuclear submarine carrier ships.

2018 г.

Designed an overhaul of the Khabarovsk Distillery sites

2019 г.

DPLK LLC is part of the Master Plit Group. A one-stop shop to order different services from a sketch and permits to manufacture and delivery of building materials, installation, construction and commissioning.

1976 г.

Designed the main building of a structural aluminum plant in Khabarovsk

1977 г.

Designed a steel production plant in Khabarovsk. The total weight of the projected steel was 4,992 tons.

1982 г.

Designed a scrap preparation department for Amurstal metallurgical plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur

1985 г.

Designed Lenin Athletics Stadium in Khabarovsk

2000 г.

Designed the arched covering of the Platinum Arena in Khabarovsk

2002 г.

Designed the main building of Baltika Breweries in Khabarovsk

2004 г.

Designed steel framework for a sports complex in the Rybachy settlement, Kamchatka Region. The complexity of the project was due to high seismicity (magnitude 10 earthquakes). Structures designed by our engineers ensured the stability of the facility during the strongest earthquake. This project brought us a diploma of “Our Cities”, a Far Eastern competition of construction and architectural projects.

2008 г.

Ali CJSC becomes a long-term trusted partner. This company had an ambition to create a convenient retail space. Indoor outlet construction kicks off in 2008 in Vyborgsky. Our Institute, in close cooperation with the customer, supervises the construction.

The Institute is renamed into DalProektLegKonstruktsia (DPLK) OJSC. In April 2008, the Institute celebrates its 35th anniversary.

2014 г.

Long-term cooperation with JV Sakhalin-Shelf-Service LLC. Contract with Mechel oil company: the Institute developed design documentation for industrial infrastructure workshops.

Sukhoi Aviation Holding orders detailed design for repairing frame defects in Aviastroiteley Community Center in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

2016 г.

Participated in designing the third phase of a coal loading complex at the Vanino port

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