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For individual customers, we offer technical audits of apartments and private houses to identify any deficiencies in construction and repair work. Also, we offer thermographic inspections of residential premises.
You need a technical audit if:
  • the quality of construction and finishing work looks unsatisfactory;
  • there is a reason to suspect that the contractor used materials of lower quality than was agreed;
  • you spotted deviations from the agreed design during the acceptance;
  • there is a reason to suspect that the materials used may have detrimental effect to human health;
  • you are in the middle of legal proceedings and require a third-party expert opinion regarding the quality of construction and repair work;
  • you came across any technology violations, errors, miscalculations, or defects after the acceptance.
  • there is a reason to suspect that the contractor overpriced its work, or budgeted too many materials or exceeded the budget without any reasoned grounds for this;
Examples of defects in construction and finishing works
  • uneven surfaces of the walls;
  • height differences in floors and ceilings;
  • unpainted spots on the walls or ceiling after painting;
  • the joints of the walls are not at a right angle;
  • cracks in plasterboard ceilings caused by improper installation;
  • wallpaper blisters, bubbles, cracks or poor adhesion;
  • precipitation of the foundation, the appearance cracks and minor destruction in the foundation or walls;
  • door trims are fixed unevenly or with gaps larger than permitted;
  • the plane of the window frames is no aligned with the plane of the wall;
  • incorrect placement of metal fittings;
  • leaking roof;
  • faults in window sealing;
  • deformation of the floor covering caused by improper installation;
  • plaster cracks and chips on the walls;
  • leaking pipes or batteries;
  • visible paint stains.

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